Ohemaa Mercy – “OTE ME MU (He Lives In Me)” ft. MOG (Official Video)

Ohemaa Mercy – “OTE ME MU

Ohemaa Mercy – “OTE ME MU (He Lives In Me)” ft. MOG (Official Video)
Music Produced by Kaywa (Highly Spiritual)
Video Directed by McWillies

Ɔte Me Mu is a song of prayer and dedication from the book of Psalms 27…
Whenever we commit our ways and surrender our whole being to Christ, He stands in as an advocate and speaks out for our favor. And for that matter, He makes sure every promise concerning our lives do come to a full fruition. That’s what Christ does to our lives.

So my dear, if you have not received Him as your Lord and personal savior, please do so now by saying these words;
“Lord Jesus, today I admit that I’m a sinner. Therefore, I invite you into my life. Come in and stay with me now and forever. Please write my name in the book of life, so that when You appear in your glory, I will not be left behind…Amen”

If you have said these words, please find a Bible believing Church and present yourself to the shepherd over there and I promise you that your life will never be the same…because Jesus has come to stay in your life.

God bless you!!!

Ohemaa Mercy Ministries & Outreach

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